CASE IH 9310


Standard Features


6-Cylinder, Turbocharged diesel

505 cu. in. displacement (8.3 liter)

· 205 Gross engine horsepower (at 2200 RPM) 168 PTO horsepower (measured at standard PTO speed)

Air-induction System:

Centrifugal pro-cleaner with exhaust aspirator

· Radial sea) dry-type final air elements with

safety element

Fuel Tank: 115 gallon integrally built into rear frame

Hood: tilt-up

Exhaust: vertical, mounted in line with cab corner post

Decelerator: toot operated


Cab, rubber isolated, cushioned ROPS, constant flow cab pressurization, 3 speed, heater, air conditioner with HFC 134A refrigerant, aspirated cab air pre-cleaner; 50.75 sq. ft@ of tinted glass; inside rearview mirror

Ashtray and cigar lighter

Seat: Case International "Comfort Master" air suspension, w/swivel, fore/aft isolator, gray cloth, 5 position left armrest, right armrest, lateral isolator, seat tilt angle, adjustable lumbar support, seat belts, adjustable dampening control and recliner

Steering Wheel: t(tilting and telescoping

Windshield Wipers: center front

Beverage cup holder

Right hand console plugs for non-optioned tractors


Centralized electronic dash display with digital tachometer for engine and PTO speed, digital speedometer and gear selector readout. Warning lights for low voltage, engine oil pressure, right and left turn signal, high beam indicator, on demand limited slip differential, park brake, hydraulic oil temp., engine coolant temp., transmission oil temp., engine coolant level, engine air cleaner, hydraulic filter indicator and transmission filter indicator Gauges mounted on the front, right hand cab post include hourmater, voltmeter, engine water temp., engine oil pressure and fuel level.

Requirements for Operation


12-speed full power shift, 12 forward and 3 reverse speeds, hydraulically operated, electronically controlled

"Skip-Shift" (gears 1,4,6,B)


16" diameter disc mounted on the transmission Brake is a single caliper, dual piston hydraulically actuated system.

Parking Brake: manually applied integrated with the service brake


I 1 9.5 in. bar length, 4 in. diameter front and rear 60-130 in. tread settings


Closed center, load sensing, pressure

compensating, 4 remotes standard, lever type (ISO) couplers. Each remote section has float, flow control, datents and. (One in cab flow control standard.)

Pump: 27 GPM (102.3) at 2100 RPM

with 2900 PSI max. operating pressure, IS

gallon reservoir


Heavy-duty swinging telescoping type Drawbar


12 volt with 2 low maintenance batteries, 1250 total cold cranking amps. at 00 F. 125 amp. alternator at rated engine speed with built-in regulator.

lights: Halogen sealed beam lights, 6 front and 4 rear. Two rear taillights. Safety with integral turn signals.

Automatic reset type circuit breakers

Power connectors for monitors: one on the gauge post, one inside the gauge cover and one by the a-post.


Cab access for implement wiring harness at lower right rear of cab

Tires and wheels are not standard equipment and must be ordered as required.